New Zealand Made

Our products are proudly NZ made, in our baking plant in the Waikato.

Customers have the surety when buying Snowdon cones that your product firstly comes from NZ, but importantly that we operate to NZ food hygiene standards and food manufacturing requirements (Good Manufacturing Practice). We are subject to five food audits annually, and additionally we go through a social accountability audit every three years to ensure all staff protocols are in place, and there is no abuse of staff, or their conditions.

We inherently know the standards of food preparation and presentation you want and expect, as we are eating the same products as you are. Whether it is you, your parents, children or grandchildren it is comforting to know any product is NZ made.

We do supplement some of our range with imported items, or further process them here – such as cone sleeves. We also do audits on our overseas product suppliers.